Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog #15-

So far in Life Drawing 2 I have enhanced my skills greatly. I have started to look at the form of the face with more structure and understanding. I think that my angles and contours have helped this a lot. One thing that I believe that I should work on is my shading. I still have a heavy hand. I need to have a lighter touch with my tools. I think this will come with time. I also think this will help a ton with my work. My skulls have a lot more detail and a stronger form. I think I need to take the same approach with the structure of the portraits as I did with the skulls.
For my midterm project we are doing a second self portrait. I already stated somewhat of the idea I plan on doing for this. My idea is creating a piece that explains the feelings of loosing something fragile and then somehow gaining it back again. I really hope this turns out. I want to do a drawing with color. I also want to have object protruding on top of the page such as stitches or headphones. I have many more ideas for this piece. I'm just unsure of what I want to add at the moment.

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