Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog #15-

So far in Life Drawing 2 I have enhanced my skills greatly. I have started to look at the form of the face with more structure and understanding. I think that my angles and contours have helped this a lot. One thing that I believe that I should work on is my shading. I still have a heavy hand. I need to have a lighter touch with my tools. I think this will come with time. I also think this will help a ton with my work. My skulls have a lot more detail and a stronger form. I think I need to take the same approach with the structure of the portraits as I did with the skulls.
For my midterm project we are doing a second self portrait. I already stated somewhat of the idea I plan on doing for this. My idea is creating a piece that explains the feelings of loosing something fragile and then somehow gaining it back again. I really hope this turns out. I want to do a drawing with color. I also want to have object protruding on top of the page such as stitches or headphones. I have many more ideas for this piece. I'm just unsure of what I want to add at the moment.

Blog #14-

The last few weeks we have been focusing on our self portraits. The first one I sat in front of a mirror drawing my self. I think that I have progressed since last semester drawing the structure of the face. However I still find it very difficult to draw myself in a mirror. I need to somehow over come this or try something new. After completing three hours of work we turned in our portraits. I stood mine them while accepting criticism from my classmates. This seemed to be really helpful. However I still can't do it. I tried to reconstruct the form on my page but it was just frustrating.

We also have been creating ideas for our second self portrait. This project has to be seen in a third person point of view. This is also taking me a while to come up with ideas. I think I have decided to focus on the "Loss of something fragile". A little less than a year ago I had a major surgery on my ear. I wanted to incorporate this in my project. I couldn't just focus on my case so I had to expand it on other issues. So I have decided to focus on loosing something and gaining it back. So I'm going to focus on loosing all five senses. I hope this works out he way I plan.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog #13-

After we studied the shape and plane changes of the skull we began working on portraits. We studied the planes on all the facial features. It was a review from Life Drawing 1. This first portrait we spent about 2 hours on in class. In this drawing I began with the basic form of the face. Mapping out each plan change. After I felt like I had the structure completed I began shading. I want to work on shading a little bit. I think my hand is still a little heavy.

Blog #12-

Here are some different views of skulls:

Blog #11-

Sooo, again its been a couple weeks that I have updated this. I'm a little behind and disorganized. I'm just gonna post a few blogs explaining each project separately.

I was sick the day that we did the sculpting of the skull. Looking at what everyone else did for this, I think I missed the memo. I thought we were suppose to sculpt the whole skull...Opps! I enjoyed working with the clay though, even though I took the assignment a tad far. I think doing this helped me when drawing the skulls. Sculpting the form really helped me visualize when I was drawing it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog #10-

Sorry this blog is a little late....
Last weeks class we critiqued our front views of the skulls. This drawing I tried to use contour lines. I found it a lot easier to put the shading in. We also learned about the different side planes. I had to erase different parts of my skull so that each side had a specific and similar value to the others.
I was stumbling online today and came across a website that explains how to draw hands...I'm gonna post it and hopefully it will help when we focus on the had in the future